We are a diverse and supportive community, working side by side, creating opportunities to achieve our goals in education, wellness and employment.

Who we are: Our program fosters a community that focuses on helping adults with mental illness to live vocationally meaningful and socially satisfying lives.  The Clubhouse completes this through helping members return to work and school, live independently, and develop a social support network. In this collaborative, restorative environment, members gain access to opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, community, employment and education, and to the services and support they may need. We complete work together side by side to complete work of the Clubhouse and our goals. We work to achieve vocational, educational, housing goals and objectives and developing a support network to maintain mental health and wellness.

What we can do together: Change the world!

2022 Gratitude Report

What we accomplished together this year…

48 members obtained new employment in 2022 and another 31 members maintained previous employment

Our Auspice Agency is Penobscot Community Health Care, a non-profit organization governed by a board of community volunteers, incorporated in 1997. We are passionate about our Mission at PCHC – We provide comprehensive, integrated primary health care services for all to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients and the Maine communities we serve. Our vision for success is a community in which everyone has access to quality, cost-effective health care, where people are empowered to advocate for their personal goals and needs and are supported by community-based resources, and where health encompasses physical and emotional wellness, personal dignity, and a sense of belonging.

Focusing on the health of every patient, Penobscot Community Health Care offers a medical home with access to many health services in addition to primary health care, such as dental, integrated mental health, pharmacy, physical therapy, case management, health and nutrition education, chronic disease management, speech and audiology services, and many medical specialists.