You have goals. We can help you reach them.

Our Vision:

We are a diverse and supportive community working side by side, creating opportunities to achieve our goals in wellness, education and employment.

Clubhouse…The Beginning: 


Colleagues of Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse at our Holiday Party in 2016

In 1948, when  “Fountain House was established as an intentional community for men and women who had histories of psychiatric illness. It was unique in the world of mental health in many important ways. Unlike other programs for men and women with mental illness, Fountain House was founded on the premise that Clubhouse “members” could work productively and have socially satisfying lives in spite of their mental illness.”-

In the late 1970’s, the model started to be replicated.  Now, over 400 Clubhouses exist worldwide.  In October of 2012, Unlimited Solutions opened in Bangor with the mission to “improve the quality of life for individuals who experience mental illness by providing social, vocational and educational opportunities.”