Employment Services

In 2020, our members’ estimated earnings from the information they provided us was: $1,011,973.00

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Since opening the Clubhouse in 2012, our members have obtained 336 jobs and this number is growing everyday.  In the last quarter of 2020, 66% of our membership was gainfully employed.

Our Amazing Employment Partners:

  • Bangor Savings Bank
  • TJ Maxx
  • Bangor Area Homeless Shelter
  • Penobscot Community Healthcare (PCHC)
  • St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
  • Langley’s Farm
  • Damon’s Beverage
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Dirigo Pines
  • OHI
  • Ross Manor
  • High Tide
  • Bangor Waste Water
  • Husson University
  • Sam’s Club

Join our list of Current employers…

You and your company can help end the vicious cycle of dependence and isolation that so often prolongs the devastating effects of mental illness on individuals and their families by joining the community of businesses around the world that are helping Clubhouse members become respected members of society through employment. For more information, please contact us at 404.8383.

Mitzi Rogers from TJ Maxx in Bangor says the following about working with Unlimited Solutions:

“I have had a partnership with the Clubhouse since 2015. My experience with this group has been amazing. The time and energy that they put into finding the right fit for their people for placement to go back into the workplace is truly dedication on their part. My experience has been great communication and follow up with all the team members that they have placed with me. They have gone above and beyond with my Management team and have been truly great partners with coming to orientation with their clubhouse members and onsite job coaching if needed. I cannot say enough about the Clubhouse in Bangor. I am truly grateful that I have an opportunity to employ, teach and train these individuals to make an impact on their lives. The truth be told they make a bigger impact on me. I would encourage any business to support the Clubhouse to give back to the community that we all do business in.”

Mitzi Rogers

General Manager

TJ Maxx and Home Goods

Our Clubhouse offers Employment Programs under the Clubhouse International Standards:

Employment ensures that Clubhouses offer members organized, effective strategies for moving into and maintaining gainful employment. Members have access to:

21. The Clubhouse enables its members to return to paid work through Transitional Employment, Supported      Employment and Independent Employment; therefore, the Clubhouse does not provide employment to members through in-house businesses, segregated Clubhouse enterprises or sheltered workshops.

Transitional Employment

22. The Clubhouse offers its own Transitional Employment program, which provides as a right of membership opportunities for members to work on job placements in the labor market. As a defining characteristic of a Clubhouse Transitional Employment program, the Clubhouse guarantees coverage on all placements during member absences. In addition the Transitional Employment program meets the following basic criteria.

  a. The desire to work is the single most important factor determining placement opportunity.

  b. Placement opportunities will continue to be available regardless of the level of success in previous placements.

  c. Members work at the employer’s place of business.

  d. Members are paid the prevailing wage rate, but at least minimum wage, directly by the employer.

  e. Transitional Employment placements are drawn from a wide variety of job opportunities.

  f. Transitional Employment placements are part-time and time-limited, generally 15 to 20 hours per week and from six to nine months in duration.

  g. Selection and training of members on Transitional Employment is the responsibility of the Clubhouse, not the employer.

  h. Clubhouse members and staff prepare reports on TE placements for all appropriate agencies dealing with members’ benefits.

  i. Transitional Employment placements are managed by Clubhouse staff and members and not by TE specialists.

  j. There are no TE placements within the Clubhouse. Transitional Employment placements at an auspice agency must be off site from the Clubhouse and meet all of the above criteria.

Supported and Independent Employment

23. The Clubhouse offers its own Supported and Independent Employment Programs to assist members to secure, sustain, and better their employment. As a defining characteristic of Clubhouse Supported Employment, the Clubhouse maintains a relationship with the working member and the employer. Members and staff in partnership determine the type, frequency and location of desired supports.

24. Members who are working independently continue to have available all Clubhouse supports and opportunities as well as participation in evening and weekend programs.

If you are a member looking for work, please join US for:

  • Career Builder’s Mtg, Wednesday at 2pm at the Clubhouse or on ZOOM