Financial Wellness

Financial wellness refers to overall satisfaction with your current financial situation and future prospects. This includes having a basic understanding of financial processes and resources such as income, debt and savings.

Work: Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse offers a full range of Clubhouse employment opportunities as well as assisting with employment benefits, entitlements, work incentives and resources.

Financial Management and Budgeting: The Clubhouse offers regular goal planning sessions discussing financial management, budgeting as well as offering offering engagement in the work ordered day fiscal management and budgeting of the Clubhouse to gain experience.

Benefits and Entitlements: All of our Clubhouse staff are ACRE Employment Specialists as well as have attended “Work and Benefits Navigator Training”. The Clubhouse also works with the CWICs (Certified Work Incentive Counselors) through Maine Health to provide specific conversations about how employment would impact benefits. More information about their services can be found here: