Environmental Wellness

The environmental wellness dimension involves feeling safe, and being in an environment that supports your well-being by being attractive, well-maintained and respectful. This can include: caring for areas where we live, learn and work; occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support our well-being and accessing the beauty and haling power of natural places and spaces.

Green Living: Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse makes an effort to reduce our carbon footprint by participating in local trash pick-ups such as collaborating to pick up Second Street park, utilizing local seasonal fruits and vegetables through partnering with Food and medicine in Brewer; composting and reducing our meat intake by offering a vegetarian meal on Thursdays.

Change of Scenery: The Clubhouse offers work-ordered day tasks outside of our Clubhouse building and outdoor social activities such as hikes, parks, picnics and beaches.

Home & Work Environment: Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse offers an updated, attractive space to work in as well as finding safe and comfortable housing for our members.