About US

What is a Clubhouse?

Who we are: Our intentional working community is a non-clinical therapy-through-work program that focuses on helping adults with mental illness (re)discover their passions and interests. We assist people in living vocationally meaningful and socially satisfying lives by returning to work and school, living independently, and developing a social support network. In this collaborative, restorative environment, members gain access to opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, community, employment and education, and to the services and support they may need.

The Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse features:

  • Work and membership as primary methods for providing individuals with increased opportunities in employment, housing, education, skill development, and social activities.
  • Member participation and involvement in all aspects of Clubhouse operations.
  • Peer support, education, self-determination, responsibility, and the opportunity to be employed in real work settings.
  • Openness and choice in type of work activities, choice in staff, and a right of reentry and access to all Clubhouse services.

Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse Orientation Video:

Check out our new orientation video.  We will be showing this to all new members:

Clubhouse Orientation Video

Core Clubhouse Components

Work-ordered day

The work-ordered day organizes the daily activities of the Clubhouse. The day-to-day operation of the Clubhouse is the responsibility of members and staff, who work side by side in a rehabilitative environment.

Employment programs

A main Clubhouse focus is vocational – helping members secure jobs at prevailing wages in the wider community. Transitional employment offers a highly structured opportunity for members to return to work. The Clubhouse contracts with employers for jobs that we guarantee to fill. Staff support members in the workplace until the member is comfortable and competent at that position. Supported employment assists members in applying for and acquiring jobs in the community.

Community support

Clubhouse members receive support to secure stable housing, needed medical services, and appropriate mental health care. Staff insure that all members have access to the services that best meets their individual needs.

Educational Resources

Members are assisted to complete their education – whether that is completing a GED program or working towards an advanced degree or certificate.


Each member is a valued part of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse reaches out to members who have not attended recently, letting them know that they have been missed and encouraging their return.

Decision making and governance

Members and staff collaborate to discuss policy issues and plan for the future of the Clubhouse.

Social and recreational programs

The Clubhouse organizes after-work-hours social and recreational events, encouraging members and staff to socialize in safe, substance free ways on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Clubhouse Guaranteed Rights:

It is the goal of our Clubhouse to provide an atmosphere with a guaranteed rights of all members are safeguarded.

  • A right to a place to come
  • A right to meaningful work
  • A right to meaningful relationships,
  • and A right to a place to return.

When a group of people share a common space, it becomes necessary to discuss ways of being in a community together, which respects each person as well as the whole group.