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What is a Clubhouse?

Who we are: Our intentional working community is a non-clinical therapy-through-work program that focuses on helping adults with mental illness (re)discover their passions and interests. We assist people in living vocationally meaningful and socially satisfying lives by returning to work and school, living independently, and developing a social support network. In this collaborative, restorative environment, members gain access to opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, community, employment and education, and to the services and support they may need.

The Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse features:

  • Work and membership as primary methods for providing individuals with increased opportunities in employment, housing, education, skill development, and social activities.
  • Member participation and involvement in all aspects of Clubhouse operations.
  • Peer support, education, self-determination, responsibility, and the opportunity to be employed in real work settings.
  • Openness and choice in type of work activities, choice in staff, and a right of reentry and access to all Clubhouse services.

Clubhouse International Accreditation:

Clubhouse International Accreditation™ is a symbol of qualityClubhouse Accreditation Icon – a clear demonstration of a Clubhouse’s commitment to excellence. Today, 80% of Clubhouses worldwide are Accredited, compared to just 46% in 2014. These Clubhouses proudly display this icon and are universally recognized as operating with a high level of compliance with the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.™

The Accreditation Process in Detail

Step One: The Self-Study

Members and staff of the entire Clubhouse work together to prepare for the Accreditation visit, evaluating the Clubhouse performance in relationship to the Standards. Each area of the Clubhouse is reviewed and discussed at community meetings, unit meetings, and other special forums convened to prepare for Accreditation. The result of the self-study process is a written report from the Clubhouse to Clubhouse International and the consulting team, describing the Clubhouse and its areas of strength and relative weakness, as seen by the members and staff.

In this process, the Clubhouse begins to identify aspects of the program which they would like to improve. The Self-Study facilitates a sense of ownership and teamwork amongst the members and staff at the Clubhouse, is a vehicle for increasing understanding about the Clubhouse model, assists each individual to better understand his/her specific role in the success of the Clubhouse, promotes consensus-building about improving the Clubhouse in relation to the Standards, generates a sense of empowerment for both members and staff at the Clubhouse, becomes the foundation for strategic improvement in the operation of the Clubhouse, and provides the Clubhouse International Faculty team with a place to begin the consultation.

Step Two: The Site Visit

The Accreditation visits are made by members of Clubhouse International’s Faculty for Clubhouse Development. The Faculty consultants are members and staff from strong Clubhouses around the world. Each Accreditation visit is made by a team of one staff and one member from the Faculty for Clubhouse Development.

After receiving and reviewing the self-study and other relevant materials submitted by the Clubhouse, the Clubhouse International Faculty team visits the Clubhouse for 3-4 days. While on site, the Faculty team confirms the information presented in the self-study, and meets with members, staff, board members and other stakeholders of the Clubhouse. The Faculty team participates in Clubhouse meetings, the work day and other Clubhouse activities. The team visits residential, employment and education sites where the Clubhouse is working with members. The Faculty team evaluates how well the Clubhouse has implemented the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs and provides ongoing consultation to the Clubhouse while on site. During the last day of the visit, the Faculty team makes a verbal presentation to the entire Clubhouse community on their findings, highlighting both areas of strength for the Clubhouse and making recommendations for improvement. This verbal report becomes the foundation for the written findings report submitted to Clubhouse International.

Step Three: The Findings Report

After completing the visit to the Clubhouse, the Faculty team prepares a written report of its findings and submits it to Clubhouse International. The content of the report is an expanded version of the verbal report, presented to the Clubhouse community on the last day of the visit. The report includes a detailed description of the Clubhouse, a review of the areas in which the Clubhouse is strong, and a set of specific recommendations about how the Clubhouse can improve and come more fully into compliance with the Standards.

Along with the report, the faculty team submits a recommendation to Clubhouse International regarding Accreditation status for the Clubhouse. The report is then read by at least two experienced staff and/or members at Clubhouse International, and is critically reviewed for clarity, accuracy, helpfulness, and congruence with the recommended Accreditation outcome.

Step Four: Accreditation Status

After reviewing the report and reaching agreement, the faculty team awards one- or three-year Accreditation, or defers Accreditation, and forwards a letter indicating this Accreditation outcome, along with the written report, to the Clubhouse. Accreditation by Clubhouse International is a credential which affirms that a program is in fact operating as a Clubhouse, and is in substantial compliance with the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

Clubhouse International Accreditation is awarded for either one or three years. This determination is made based on the extent to which the Clubhouse is complying with the Standards. Accreditation is deferred for those Clubhouses that are significantly out of compliance with the Standards.

Step Five: Ongoing Consultation and Technical Support

Ongoing technical support may continue with the Clubhouse International Faculty team.

Your Clubhouse may also receive ongoing formal support in the form of consultations, etc. from any of the 10 Clubhouse International Training Bases. This service is for “at-cost” with fees established accordingly.

Plus: Employment Guidelines

The Employment Guidelines are used by Clubhouse International Accreditation Faculty as part of the process of reviewing the entire spectrum of opportunities provided by a Clubhouse community. The Faculty recognizes that each Clubhouse is unique, and considers employment in the context of the individual circumstances of each Clubhouse. Click here for the Employment Guidelines.

Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse Orientation Video:

Check out our new orientation video.  We will be showing this to all new members:

Clubhouse Orientation Video

Core Clubhouse Components

Work-ordered day

The work-ordered day organizes the daily activities of the Clubhouse. The day-to-day operation of the Clubhouse is the responsibility of members and staff, who work side by side in a rehabilitative environment.

Employment programs

A main Clubhouse focus is vocational – helping members secure jobs at prevailing wages in the wider community. Transitional employment offers a highly structured opportunity for members to return to work. The Clubhouse contracts with employers for jobs that we guarantee to fill. Staff support members in the workplace until the member is comfortable and competent at that position. Supported employment assists members in applying for and acquiring jobs in the community.

Community support

Clubhouse members receive support to secure stable housing, needed medical services, and appropriate mental health care. Staff insure that all members have access to the services that best meets their individual needs.

Educational Resources

Members are assisted to complete their education – whether that is completing a GED program or working towards an advanced degree or certificate.


Each member is a valued part of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse reaches out to members who have not attended recently, letting them know that they have been missed and encouraging their return.

Decision making and governance

Members and staff collaborate to discuss policy issues and plan for the future of the Clubhouse.

Social and recreational programs

The Clubhouse organizes after-work-hours social and recreational events, encouraging members and staff to socialize in safe, substance free ways on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Clubhouse Guaranteed Rights:

It is the goal of our Clubhouse to provide an atmosphere with a guaranteed rights of all members are safeguarded.

  • A right to a place to come
  • A right to meaningful work
  • A right to meaningful relationships,
  • and A right to a place to return.

When a group of people share a common space, it becomes necessary to discuss ways of being in a community together, which respects each person as well as the whole group.

Virtual Access to Clubhouse Services:

The clubhouse mission is about employment, education and wellness and for more than ten years at Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse, that model has been associated with a physical space. But thanks to technology, in 2020, we are able to accomplish some of our goals in the virtual space.
Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse, in partnership with Clubhouse International, is committing to keeping our mission and our connection going – virtually. Our goal: To provide a virtual gathering space for members that mimics some of the clubhouse work ordered day, as well as provide some of our typical routines in the Clubhouse. There are some areas and work of the Clubhouse that is not able to be accomplished virtually and for that we are encouraging members to come into the Clubhouse or meet us in the community as they feel comfortable.

Please contact the Clubhouse at 404.8383 to get connected.

We offer our Virtual Clubhouse over ZOOM using 2 Meeting IDs for easy remembering and changing the passwords monthly for extra security.

One of our members has created this quick tutorial of how to access ZOOM and some tips and tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS3uwRsAy3U